Teaching and Learning is always a high strategic priority at Trinity College. Students are encouraged to set high goals and effort is rewarded and promoted.

Students of all ability levels are supported. Hard-working and highly motivated teachers enable students to excel across an exceptional range of academic interests, vocational aptitudes and educational opportunities. Educators at Trinity are passionate about the learning of students in their care and are equally committed to developing their own professional learning. The College supports professional learning through targeted professional development and provides regular feedback and appraisal to teaching staff.

Established performance teams monitor student attainment data to optimise progress over time. Systematic and regular analysis of data assists staff to focus on high impact techniques like offering feedback to show students how they can improve their learning. Carefully crafted opportunities for collaboration enable staff to take advantage of the experience, resources and support of colleagues across the College.

Our curriculum is grounded in mastering key competencies and extending students to develop higher order thinking skills. Our learning environment is structured into Junior, Middle and Senior sections that apply age appropriate teaching strategies. Our extensive range of subjects on offer enables students to select courses about which they are passionate and which meet their future goals. Teachers embrace digital technologies to optimise engagement and participation.

Rigorous data and anecdotal reports alike show that at Trinity, broad and diverse cohorts of students ultimately achieve their tertiary pathways in university and trade sectors. Trinity has achieved excellent results over a sustained period of time.