A contemporary, co-educational school, Pulteney Grammar School has proudly been shaping the lives of young women and men since 1847 with a vision towards preparing them for their future.

Education at Pulteney takes many different shapes and forms. Our students are challenged to be curious, to ask questions, to seek understanding, and develop an appreciation for our community, our country, and our world. As global citizens,

our students exercise their agency through their strong sense of purpose by venturing forth into their city and the world to develop confidence, insight, empathy, compassion, and to prosper. Our students learn through action; be it in the science lab, on the sporting field, in the recital hall, or amongst nature, a Pulteney education seeks to provide students with opportunities to engage with the breadth of what life holds.

At 1,000 students and located within the City of Adelaide, Pulteney is a welcoming, cosmopolitan, and personable community where the interests and needs of each and every student are nurtured towards their becoming the best they can be. Relationships offer the foundation for authentic education. Our teachers thus serve as both mentor and facilitator of learning, guiding students in their decision making and along the path to adulthood. Wellbeing is thus paramount to a Pulteney education; supportive and inclusive pastoral care a feature at every stage of schooling.

The connection to Pulteney is one enjoyed well beyond the days of school: a Pulteney education is for life

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